You are invited to the first annual Arbour Arts Week April 30-May 4.

All week long, we will be celebrating our Arts programme.  Student art work will be on display, and we will be treated to musical and drama performances at Opening.  A schedule of performances is as follows:






Gr. 8 Instrumental Performance


Gr. 7 Instrumental Performance

Can Can


Junior Choir




Select Gr. 4s  Drama Scene

 Paper Bag Princess

Select Gr. 3s Drama Scene



SK Drama Presentation


Highlander Choir

Somewhere only we know


Gr. 6 Vocal Performance

I just cant wait to be king

Gr. 8 Percussion Performance

Bucket Drumming


Jump Rope for Heart

Our Jump Rope For Heart fundraising has begun! Did you know that when you jump rope for others, you are also jumping for yourself? Get the exercise your heart needs while raising money to help all kids grow up healthy! Fundraise online today to make a difference and win awesome prizes in the meantime! Get started at    


Plastic Bags

Bring in any plastic bags you have laying around the house.
This includes bread bags, milk bags, ziploc, grocery etc. by THIS FRIDAY
The class with the most bags wins a prize.


Shoe Drive

April 25-27 for the month of March & April!









Please click the link below to read my welcome letter! Teacher Welcome Letter.docx